What is Hertz or Refresh Rates for Gaming?

What is Hertz or Refresh Rates for Gaming?

A good CPU is important for gaming but there are a few important pieces of equipment for gaming like a mouse, keyboard, mousepad, headphones, and gaming monitor all these things are compulsory for the pro gaming experience but what is Hertz (Hz)? 

Refresh Rate which is known as the Hertz is the feature of the monitor. It is the number that how many times your monitor refreshes your display in a second. It depends on the Refresh rates which you have. some monitors have only 60 Hertz and 60 Hz means your monitor will refresh your image 60 times in a second. Hertz is related to Framerates but both are different.

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Hopefully, now you know what is Hertz or Refresh Rates.

What are The Best Refresh Rates for Gaming?

what is hertz in monitor

60 Refresh rates hertz is normal that is available on any gaming monitor, and it is good but if you want more smoothness in your game so you need to increase your Refresh rates because the higher number of refresh rates means your monitor will refresh your image more in a second. Suppose you purchased a 144hz monitor which means now your monitor will refresh your display 144 times in a second. And now you can play your games more smoothly on 144 Hz.

Is 144hz good?

Yes of course, just because of the refresh rates your reaction time will increase you can shoot perfectly because now your monitor refreshes your image 144 times in a second. Having higher Refresh rates for your monitor means you have more chances of getting high FPS in games.

we recommend you go for high refresh rates as you can go because it is very useful and it gives you the best reaction times and reflexes. 

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