How to Lower Ping or Reduce Latency?

How to Lower Ping or Reduce Latency

The multiplayer or competitive games are becoming very popular and almost every pro player always wants a lower ping, and they do their best to improve their PC performance. Because the low latency is very important for gaming. You can’t play on the high latency because your game is lagging during gameplay. If you have greater than 100 latency/ping so in multiplayer games such as pubg, csgo, valorant, cod, etc. you always miss your shots because of the high latency/ping its doesn’t matter if you shoot first or click first.

However, there are several methods to Lower Ping or Reduce your Latency and you can improve your gaming experience just follow these steps.

Restart your Router

Sometimes our routers create problems because they continue running. Maybe they are hanging so, Always first restart your router before playing online games.

Check Your Internet Speed

Always check your internet speed before playing your competitive games. If you have 10 MB internet so make sure full speed is coming if it’s not coming. First, check your background process make sure you pc not downloading anything or if anyone is using your wifi so check if he is downloading anything because 10 MB is a very low speed for gaming, and at the same time if anybody downloading anything so you can’t play and always check maybe your windows start updating automatically.

Avoid Wireless Connection

I can’t imagine if you’re playing on a wireless connection. It is very hard to get stability in the game because the wireless connection is on the signal base. And every time your signals are fluctuating and if your signals are fluctuating so your ping always fluctuates. Always play on cable connection or direct connect your cable with your router.

Close Background Programs

Close all your background programs like a torrent, internet download manager, browsers, etc, and check that if the window is updating automatically then close it.

Replace Old Router

Sometimes old routers affect our connection speed because they are old. Try to purchase a brand new router. Purchase A router that is optimized for gaming could be the best choice. Gaming Router is specially designed for gaming they have all features for the best gaming.

Upgrade Your Internet Connection

if any of these methods are not working for you then upgrade your network connection/package because sometimes our internet is outstanding for working or using but for the gaming side, it’s worst so always get the best broadband package or internet connection.

Hopefully, this will work for you. Make sure you follow every step.

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