How to Find perfect sensitivity for any game

Find Perfect Sensitivity

Why Sensitivity is important?

Sensitivity is very important that why you should Find perfect sensitivity because no matter how much fps you have etc if you have a bad sensitivity you can’t win competitive matches, pugs, or any other Lan matches so sensitivity is a really important thing its govern how quickly you can react with your aim but how to Find perfect sensitivity? Don’t worry, I’m here to help you with that.

High Sensitivity

High sensitivity is really fast it will make your cursor movement is very fast you don’t need to move your mouse too much. most of the pro players have a high sensitivity

Low Sensitivity

Low Sensitivity is slow it means you have to move your mouse too much and you need a bigger mousepad for low sensitivity most of the pro players have a low sensitivity

How to find perfect sensitivity?

Yes, you can easily find your perfect sensitivity. sensitivity is the most important especially for shooting games because we need full control over our mouse when you start playing online games, your sensitivity really matters. like how quickly you can aim and react. if you have bad sensitivity you can’t control your mouse. That’s why it’s important to find the perfect sensitivity. Every game is different and every player has different abilities. The main problem is How can you find perfect sensitivity for yourself? No matter what game you’re playing, there are a few things you can do to find the right setting and stick with it. Once you’ve gone through this process to find what works for you, you can convert this sensitivity from one game to another, so that you always keep that basic level of skill in your aim and performance. keep in mind your mouse and a mousepad are really important if you have a bad mouse or mousepad so you cant find perfect sensitivity so try to purchase the Best mouse and mousepad. it’s easy to find the correct setting where your sensitivity should be.

In-Game Sensitivity

find your sensitivity

First, you need to understand the difference between in-game sensitivity and Desktop sensitivity. it’s important that you understand what these settings really mean. DPI stands for dots per inch, which measures how many pixels the cursor moves on the screen relative to the mouse on the desktop. A high DPI means that small movements will move the cursor quickly, while a low DPI requires the mouse to move further to cover the same distance on the screen. You can set the DPI on your mouse using your dedicated software, while in-game sensitivity only applies to a specific game.

Find Your Sensitivity

First of all, keep in mind make sure you can easily make 180-degree shots with your mouse this is the best way to find your perfect sensitivity. And try to track the target while moving if you can’t track the targets It means you need to increase your sensitivity or if your Aim is moving so fast while tracking targets so you need to decrease sensitivity. If you found your sensitivity like you can easily make 180 and you can easily track targets while moving you have to practice your aim after finding your sensitivity. And one more thing after finding your perfect sensitivity don’t change it again and again just find one and after that practice your aim if you keep changing your sensitivity so you can’t improve your aim.

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